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  • by admin
  • December 28, 2018

SEO vs PPC, Which One is better?











In this excessively increasing competition in terms of marketing, if your website is not in the top lists of Google search engine, you are somewhere lagging behind in the race. There has been a never-ending debate regarding which method to choose for your better business practices, whether it should be Pay per click or Search engine optimization. There are scenarios where both of them have evolved differently and it completely depends on your business goals, which plan will come out better.

Here is a clear list depicting the pros and cons of both, SEO vs PPC  will help you decide, which one fits more productive to you.

SEO Advantages:

  • Cost-Effective: The labor costs involved in setting up a PPC is much more in comparison to of investing in SEO. Also, it doesn’t inculcate additional costs ones you reach the top and the traffic you drive from organic search comes free of cost.
  • Long-Lasting: However you may have to struggle in the initial phase but ones you have succeeded, you will be able to reap the benefits for a long term with no recurring charges.
  • User-Friendly: SEO doesn’t involve the outbound techniques like intrusive ads or cold calling rather you need to stand out of the crowd by adopting various brainy ideas so that users can find out your website organically when searching.

SEO Disadvantages:

  • Slow: SEO is very slow in yielding results as compared to PPC. It can take months to cause a visual change whereas PPC starts to showcase results immediately.
  • Time-Consuming: As already discussed, SEO is very much time consuming mostly when you do it on your own. And investing in SEO tools can be really costly.
  • Ongoing Process: SEO is like sowing a seed and keep nutrifying it for its growth. It can only get better with your efforts but you will never reach a point when your site is 100% optimized.

PPC Advantages:

  • Scalable: PPC helps you to determine the budget and have a clear idea of everything, unlike SEO where you can’t make an estimation of the results.
  • Controllable: As PPC completely depends on the amount you are investing in your digital marketing plan, it is anytime in your hands and you can have control over it which is anyway never possible in case of SEO.
  • Instant Results: Unlike SEO, PPC yields very quick results. Ones you go for the PPC campaign, it will start to sprout the results immediately and you can expect a fair deal of profits.

PPC Disadvantages:

  • Expensive: There is no progressive growth in PPC as it is in SEO. You will always have to keep on paying the same price even after a long time.
  • Not Long-Lasting: PPC has nothing to do with time and experience. It will give benefits till you invest in it which is not in SEO where ones the flow is set, it becomes free and keeps yielding results.
  • Click Fraud: Many companies use damaging software to stimulate manual clicks from different IP addresses which can, in turn, rack up your click charges. Google captures this fraud but still, there are ways to escape it.

Therefore, there is a clear classification and comparison on a battle of SEO vs PPC and now you can decide which fits better for you and your organization. This will definitely help you to know how to increase revenue for small business.



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