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7 Most Effective Ways to Improve Your CTR


The marketing performance of any brand depends on a number of important factors, one of the most widely used measurements to calculate that is the CTR. CTR stands for “Click-Through Rate” which basically represents the calculation of the number of people clicking on a particular ad divided by the number of times the ad was displayed for the users. CTR is much beyond being just a metric as it involves the income of publishers and advertisers based on every click.

So, you need to give an emphasis on the areas which can help improve the CTR and add more to your marketing strategies. Here the 7 good to note points discussed which will help you in this aspect.

  1.Analyse the Present CTR:

Before you jump to improve upon something, you need to have a well-formed idea of where you stand presently. So, first of all, you must check for the CTR box in the Search Analytics in GSC and find out the average CTR rate for your top keywords. Your CTR goals will vary as per the requirements.

 2.Checklist for Endangered & Top Pages:

Analysed reports will help you get a clear picture of the pages that are most in danger to slip out of the SERPs and also the ones which are following a top position. Sometimes, Google gifts some pages blessing to be in great position in SERP but still having the low CTR.

Similarly, you need to keep a check on the performance of the top pages and their respective CTR count.

 3.Use Symbols to Acquire Attention:

You need to act smart to capture more clicks. Something which works perfectly is using relates symbols in your ads so that people get tempted to open it. Ultimately you need to get noticed more for people to increase your CTR.

 4.Check the Schema Functionality:

The functionality more or less depends on the schema installed. You need to keep a regular check on it running the codes. You can also schedule Google aided feature of schema checking using the search analytics navigating to the rich results.

 5.Mobile Vs. Desktop Experience:

There are times when there is a performance gap between the mobile and the desktop experience. This is mainly because of unstructured meta description and title tags which create problems while loading. Keep a proper check so that the CTR remains high in every case.

 6.Know Who’s the Competition:

After the analysis of your on-going performance, you need to remain updated about who is doing better than you. What is the reason for your still holding a below rank? Have your team ready to find out the crisis? It may be the URLs or the metadata or the title tags and start to work on the same basis.

7.Measurement of Work Done:

Something very important which needs to be taken care of is keeping a check on the improvements done after a specific time period. Only then you will be able to troubleshoot if the changes made were of any productive use or not.

Therefore, these are the 7 most effective ways to improve your CTR . All of these nice suggestions you must give a thought in order to improve your CTR and in turn achieve your marketing goals.