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  • by admin
  • January 25, 2019

Why Black Hat SEO is Bad for Your Website

You as a website holder will definitely wish your website to be ranked the highest in the google search engine. Getting the top rankings for your website is not an easy cup of tea. You need to work hard to ensure it. But in the lieu of achieving a higher rank for your website, you need to save yourself from taking over some unethical path like that of a Black Hat SEO. It will tempt you by pulling your website ranking higher for some time using some faulty ways and techniques. This includes private links, keyword stuffing, and cloaking. However, the results attained through these don’t last long and the outcomes can be unpredictably negative for you.

Before you decide to fall in such a trap or become prey of an unwanted situation. Have a careful look at the below points. Xplore Digital help you draw a picture of the entire scenario which may take place as a result of using Black Hat SEO.

   A penalty from Google:

There are certain intelligent algorithms on which Google works. It is indeed possible that your website suffers a huge round of penalty if Google finds out the hidden trails of your Black Hat SEO. This kind of penalty, however, won’t pop out any notification for you. But you will see a sudden drop of around 10 to 20 pages of your website. Where recovery is prolonged, it is a case of a penalty.

   Blocked Ad Networks:

Not only the rank of your website falls being the victim of Black Hat SEO but it can lead to blocking of all your ad serving networks as well if the advertisers come to know about it.

   Fall in the Website Rank:

Ones your website is recognized by Google that is using the Black Hat SEO techniques, the fall of your website will be from sky to the deep down ground. It will go an unrecoverable phase where getting back to the same track will be seemingly impossible.

   Getting De-indexed:

Using a Black Hat SEO can even get your website De-indexed from the google search engine list. This means that your website will be completely removed. You will not be able to see it even by browsing it with your site’s name. If you can’t find your website, you need to do a site search and type the domain name of your website there. If it doesn’t appear, most cases it has been de-indexed. The chances of this are rare but it is pretty much possible.

   Poor Quality Content:

Mostly if you are using Black Hat SEO, it will lead to compromising the quality in your content. As the only concern would be to highlight the rankings with no proper check on what the content is. And if it requires for improvement is not bothered. You can check further information in types of Search Engine Optimization

   Death of Traffic:

The Black Hat SEO may be boosting your ranks high but even a single update in Google’s algorithm can take away all the traffic. It almost kill your website ranking all of a sudden. So, it is like a gamble which can turn your fate anytime down.

Therefore, you must realize the truth in all the facts that a wrong and unethical way can never lead to the success you wish for. It will always lead to your depreciation only. You must follow the right SEO optimization tools for your website so that the journey may be time taking but the results will flourish forever.



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