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  • by admin
  • December 1, 2018

Tips to Optimize Your Website for a Better User Experience

Have you ever tried searching for something on Google and realized how fast it resolves your queries with a list of suggestions saving your time and effort? It is a definite yes that the modern algorithms which are inspired by concepts of machine learning and artificial intelligence have affirmatively improved the user experience while working on the internet. Wouldn’t it be great if your website can also add such interesting features that can increase the number of visitors to your website and the amount of time they spend browsing it?

The better the things implemented, the best is the response. Here is a list of ideas which can optimize your website for better user experience.

Select Self-Explanatory Heading 

The heading of the content must be loud and clear so that the heading sounds sufficient for the user to understand what the subject matter is residing below it. Moreover, it’s always better to segregate various topics so that a particular user can find his/her subject of interest without any issue. Use H1 and H2 heading tags wisely in WordPress website. It will help to do better SEO of the website.


Use the Images Wisely

Images speak the words which the mind can’t process. It is very true that images add up to your content and make them more understandable for the users. But it is very important that you choose the images professionally so that it may not demean the content. Also, optimize using alt tag wisely so that Google crawlers can read that image.

Focus on Authenticity

Your content must be authentic and trustable for the users to remain a permanent visitor to your website. Never try to make the audience fool. Anyone would never wish or appreciate to get wrong information navigating through your web pages. Else it will be a big depreciation in reputation. Content authenticity will also help to increase user presence on the webpage which counts as a plus point according to Google algorithms.

Use White Spaces and Hyperlinks to Optimize the page

Sometimes too much of information at one go can spoil the overall experience of visiting a website. The key perspective should be to make the website more approachable to the visitors. For that, you must leave white spaces for a fresh and clean look along with colored hyperlinks. You should make the hyperlink on the targeted keyword.

Have your 404s Customised

You must check on all the 404 errors and clear them up as they reduce the potential readers of your website by popping up in between. Even if they do occur, have a backup so that it doesn’t offend the visitor by making the error page customized and bright looking. Check your website crawling or small errors regularly and fix them. Use can do this with the help of Google Search Console.

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Make it Mobile Friendly

Your website must be equally functioning when opened on a mobile phone. Users mostly use their mobiles only to access any portal or information. If your website is not user-friendly, you will lose most of your visitors. That’s why design and optimize laptop as well as mobile-friendly.


Speed up The Page Load

A webpage taking a lot of time to load is always very frustrating for the end users. If you really wish that people visit your website, you need to give special attention towards improving the page loading speed. There is software available to serve the purpose like the compressor.io which can compress the image files minimizing the load indeed. Optimize your website in a way so that it will open in a phone as well as in laptop with the minimum load time.

Use Call and Chat Features

The users always search for an option so that they can immediately clear their query while they are browsing through your website. Having the features of making an immediate call or a chat box for support is the best way to meet users’ expectations. You can design the buttons for an attractive presence.


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