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  • by admin
  • March 30, 2018

Trends of Social Media Marketing in 2018

Social media platform is a powerful source in today’s world. Gone are the days when social media like Facebook, Twitter were used to share just pictures. Now, people use these platforms for various purpose like they can raise their voices or to debate, do business, learn something new every day.

With time these platforms have evolved with an increase in their demand and they have some new trends in social media marketing so as to satisfy their users need and keep them engage with them. You might have also used one of the features. If you are not aware then have a look at the blog and update yourself.


It’s one of the leading social media platforms after facebook. At the beginning of Instagram, there were not many features on Instagram. But with an increase in its popularity, there have been many new features that are now in trends. Live video feature on Instagram is in trend.

Big celebrities and businessmen use this feature to connect with their followers. It brings your followers one step closer to you and your brand which adds a trust factor between you and your customers. One can use to promote their brand or do promotions using live videos.

Adding to that there are more updates is changing your account to a business profile. Instagram supports advertisements which can be used to reach to your relevant audience. The cost is very less which is an additional benefit to its usage.

Small startups and business or an individual person can use it very easily and gain maximum benefits in less amount. There are about 200 million people using Instagram and upload crores of status every month. And with time this will increase.


live streaming

Videos are short and the best way to convey the message on the social media platform. In this busy world, people have less time to read long paragraphs. But videos are entertaining and short which attracts many viewers.

It is been seen already that today’s market 50% marketing is done through videos and by 2020 it will increase and one time will be there that maximum marketing will be done by videos.

Youtube is one such example of this type of marketing. There are millions of users on youtube. Youtube also supports ads that are in between videos which are clickable also. More than 500 million videos are watched in 1 hour. It has huge potential for strategic marketing.

Due to its power for marketing IT’S ONE OF THE TRENDING trends of social media marketing available on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. It was started by Facebook and with its popularity, Instagram also included this feature in its application.


In this type of marketing an influencer person or say any celebrity who has a good impact on the world does advertising for your business or product. This advertisement can be done on anywhere not just TV but social media platforms. They will use their accounts for your business promotion.

Today’s generation is very smart and self-sufficient but when it comes to trusting a brand they don’t listen to what brand says but they want to hear from someone they trust. Influencer helps to bring a lot of customers with them. They get benefited from you as they get an opportunity to earn more and you get benefited by using their popularity.


social listing
This is a very unique trend in social media marketing. Its the process of tracking conversation between people on specific keyword, phrases or brands etc. It helps to create opportunities for your brand promotion. If your not paying attention to that then you are missing a lot of opportunities to talk about you and your brand. Maybe there might be any conversation which might be talking about you.

By tracking this you can track your brand health. It helps you to create content for your customers that they are craving for. To maximize your profit through these top trends you need a social media marketer. You can reach Xplore Digital for bringing maximum profit to your business.

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