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PR is a way to communicate and make relations with the people and organisations that are important for your business to get successful. PR includes managing relations with the high level authorities like managers, directors and the organisations individually with which you already have business relations.Practically we can say it’s a cost effective  to communicate with your target audience.

PR generally includes local news type media but if think beyond the “facts of pr”, which are very important though, it also includes honesty, transparency and dependability. And when we mix these things with vibrant and colourful message, it brings best possible light to your business.

Over the year Xplore Digital has created a well established network by integrating with the top level media outlets, journalists and also integrated with government  and service groups etc that can be use as a mean to enhance the visibility of our clients.

What all we do in PR service for our clients

  • News stories/developmental stories/quote incorporation in industry stories in Print media /Magazine
  • News stories in leading Online News Portals
  • Authored articles in print/magazine/online media
  • News stories in Electronic Media
  • All Media Coordination with relevant media
  • Regular interaction with the key media representatives Management Profiling


We help our clients by providing them PR tools like :

  • Crisis Management
  • Review Management
  • Event Management
  • Media meets and conventions
  • Google Maps to add all tourist points
  • Google Virtual Tour to give 360 view of tourist points
  • Campaigns, including press releases and media coverage
  • Media success measurement and analysis
  • Photo selection and editing
  • Media coverage and relationships
  • Media conference and press announcement
  • Event management and coverage
  • Blog publishing