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  • by admin
  • January 11, 2019

How To Increase Backlinks To Your Websites

Besides that ‘Content Is King’ factor, backlinks are also very important factors in SEO. But most of us never concentrate on the value of this factor. The reason for this is, we don’t have proper control over the backlinks. We just create a link and put it anywhere in content or in different websites and forget. Xplore Digital is here to help you with that. Backlinks are such kind of portal that creates entry gates for your web pages on different websites on the internet. Even the indexing and display of your webpage depending upon the quality of your webpage. Your website’s backlinks on a reputed website act as a reference for your quality content to Google and that gonna directly help you in SEO.

Generating quality backlinks is not that hard if you follow these methods:

 • Internal Backlinks

Internal backlinks mainly help in great UX because of the easy navigation of your website and great user experience is like paramount in SEO. Because it helps you to retain the visitors on your website. Generating links on the is a smart work because it can make the user either more interested in content and allows the user to go deeper or can lose a user, that never gonna come back.


 • Guest Blogging

It is great exposure for your quality content. It helps you to get a lot of new and quality, also gives a chance to become popular. Guest Posting is like Give and take. You give them high-quality content, if they approve your content then they will allow you to put a backlink in the content. So that you can get the traffic of that website either.

 • Forum and Blog Commenting

Here you have to find those blogs that cover your industry and start following them. Users regularly comments on the blogs and bloggers often give answers but not of all questions. This where you step in. Give an answer and add backlinks to the content.

 • Google+

What you have to do is just create a Google+ account because it’s a far easy way to create backlinks and add a link in your profile section. Not start interacting with other Google +users. The more time you spend with the users on Google+, the more exposure your backlinks will get.

 • Quality Content Is Must

To rule on the Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing, first and most important step is ‘Quality and Unique Content’. Because whether it’s a blog on your website, article submission, guest blogging or a social media post, quality content is a must. It helps in to engage the user with your website.

 • Use of Infographics

In the field of SEO, infographics are trending these days. You can easily make these with help of some free platforms. All you have to make infographics related to your industry and post on social media websites. Also, offer your infographics to the bloggers as a guest post. If working correctly, this method will generate a number of backlinks.

Therefore, these are the top points will help you to learn how to increase backlinks to your website. Stay continuos, stay focussed and this will definitely give a great boost to your website.

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