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  • by admin
  • December 7, 2018

How Google Decides Your Website’s Rank


Google is the most popular and widely used search engine with negligible competitors over the internet. There is an ongoing race in terms of Google Ranking for every website holder. Have you ever thought of the areas and boundaries to be kept in mind while developing a website so that it gets an upper ranking in Google? First of all, it is extremely important to realize, in case if you don’t know that there is not a team working at Google to manage the rankings. There are many intelligent algorithms designed and set which are responsible for updating the ranks of your website.

Here is an elaborated description which will let you have a clear idea how exactly the ranking system of Google is built and how it works.

   Intelligent Algorithms

There are many algorithms which perform specific checks for building the ranks of various websites. These algorithms include Panda, Penguin, Humming Bird, and Pigeon. Panda assigns a certain quality score to each website whereas Penguin downlinks those websites whose links are manipulative. The Humming Bird and Pigeon are work on the effective searching. Which is based on matching the exact keywords and user’s location respectively.

   Architecture of Website

The architecture of your website is the foremost thing you should worry about while you are going to launch it. Google ranks those websites higher where the content is crystal clear. A fair idea should be provided about every topic in an organized manner. For example, if your website displays about jewelry, there must be different sections for each ornament with categorization based on the metal used.

   Topic Authority and Content

Google very carefully assess the relevance of any particular subject which is given in a detailed version of your website. Relative to the previous instance, if your website contains all the possible information on Indian jewelry. Your website’s blog content should be relevant and unique. Copied content will mark as spam by Google soon. Then your website will be probably rank better. High-quality content will help you in both SEO and Google ranking.

   High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are basically the inbound links which you use in your website to connect to somewhere else. Using these backlinks is a great way to upsurge your ranking. As Google relies more on those who have a greater number of backlinks to different domains. Google considers your website more trustable in this respect.

   Used Meta Tags

Meta tags are the one which helps Google to recognize the different sections of content in your website. It draws a clear picture in terms of content clarification as there can be a title tag, image tags, and Meta description. For example, the small summarization of what a blue link contains within it.

   Page Speed

Page speed is the amount of time taken to load your web pages when a user searches it over the Google search engine. Ideally, a webpage loads in less than 3 seconds, consider fast. But that too is dependent on the website type. You must aim to increase the page loading speed and there are various compressing mechanisms available. For example compressor.io and tinypng.com to serve the purpose of compressing images.

  Domain Security

Domain security is another important aspect on which your ranking depends. You must have the secured SSL certificate having the HTTPS secure version instead of HTTP to have a higher ranking.

Therefore, these are the various terms and conditions you must note down and work upon to get your website enlisted higher in the Google ranking.

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