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With times changing online source have become important for all our need from food to travel, fitness products , shopping etc. Its often that we use are phones for searching for local business around us for our query. Before there were big yellow directories to put the business on the map so that business become visible to customer whenever they need . To be available to customers listing on those directories was important. But with Google, business got a new face by getting business listed on map so that its available to users globally.

Everyone is aware of google business nature. With 90% population depending on google its quite understood that google might provide business listing or mapping. Goggle local business listing or say mapping is called as Google My Business(GMB).

50% of  searches are looking for local business information such as a local address,contact number.


  • name of your business,
  • address,
  • phone number and
  • website for mapping.


  • It helps in local Seo which is very important  for every company.
  • To be successful worldwide one has to start from making his business value in its local area . Targeting in local areas help to achieve customers, recognization, brand value for local companies. This can be achieved by lisiting in Google My Business.
  • The results of google my business appears in the top before organic results.This helps for small startup to reach its customers specially when the competiton is tough. Reaching on top pages of google takes time and efforts.
  •  One can respond to customer reviews and add pictures of his/her business once successfully registering its business.
  • One can add  business photos also.
  • Google My Business Dashboard– Track your business insights and engagement for posts and pages

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