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  • by admin
  • February 8, 2019

Content Marketing Stats in 2019

We are on the threshold of the modern era where every small thing requires to be shaped up in the most perfect form to dedicate its cause. Talking in the flow of the existing marketing strategies, something on the peak is content marketing. Now it is not just limited to formally writing of content but it’s meaning has evolved to a much larger context with its scope ranging from video files, images, posters to t-shirt painting. Since it’s the beginning months of the new year 2019, you must be aware of the content marketing stats to lead the creation of an amazing record for the next years to come.

Xplore Digital shows few Content Marketing Stats in 2019 which may help you in planning a good content marketing design for yourself.

  1.Analysis of marketing efforts:

Today more than 90% of the marketers believe to analyse the outcomes of their marketing strategies. Having a check on your implemented ideas are considered of the top priority. So that the effective growth in business can be measured. There are tools like Hubspot which helps in easy tracking and monitoring of the data.

  2.Online content works more:

Mostly 70% of the Internet users wish for more standard content with every minute detailing presented online than the traditional advertisings. You must focus on creating such well informative content which answers most of the queries of the customers as shown in the Xplore Digital Blog Page.

  3.Generate new content every day:

60% of marketers focus on releasing quality content every day.  So that any questions of the potential customers are not left unanswered. This is very important in the phase of earning the customers’ satisfaction.

  4.Social media reviews works:

Social media plays a major role in influencing content marketing strategies. 71% of the customers who report good feedback about a particular customer service tagged with a brand is recommended to many other customers in the chain.

  5.Length of your content matters:

The length of your content is also vital in terms of marketing. The average word count suited for Google on the first page is 1890. But you must not forget that Google is smart to check the quality of your content too.

  6.Paid methods to distribute content:

66% of the B2B marketers rely upon paid methods to deploy their contents at every place. So that they can target the number of customers. It also helps to attract a new audience or reach to a niche audience.

  7.Visual content makes a difference:

Instead of only depending upon the written sources, you can start to add a visual analogy to your written content which can explain and answer the doubts in a more clear fashion. This will help in building your business more firm.

  8.More than half are mobile users:

The stats after the last year clearly depicts that 53% of the people use mobiles as a method of choice than compared to 43% who use desktops. You must design your business website in a way that it can be accessed through any gadget.

Therefore, these are the recent stats which you must study minutely. So that your content marketing business flourishes in a much better way and creates a historical record for upcoming years to come.

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