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  • by admin
  • August 1, 2018

Advantages of Digital Marketing over Direct Marketing

We are on the shore of a technological world where every minor thing is being replaced with a better aided technical tool. Likewise we can see the influence of Digital Marketing around us and how it shaped our lives in the most comfortable way. Digital marketing involves the transformation of all the traditional methods of marketing to a much advanced method of marketing using the latest technical support. Here are some the sub points where we will see the advantages of digital marketing strategies over the direct marketing.

  • Easy to Share

There are a number of updates coming up in a business which need to be passed on to the people for their knowledge and use. In case of the direct marketing system, it used to be a cumbersome task reaching out to people. There was a huge procedure to be followed like printing of the news and devising the sharing strategies. However, after the digital marketing system has come up, information sharing happens in clicks via sending an email.digital marketing vs direct marketing

  • Target Oriented  

Digital marketing devise methods to focus on a specific category of people, rather than taking the whole mass of people together. There can be products or services which are consumer specific. In case of direct marketing, there was no way to put emphasis on a special group of people. After the growth of digital marketing , it has become much easy.

digital marketing vs direct marketing

  • Higher Revenue

The average revenue generating by taking digital marketing at calculation is significantly higher than generating in direct marketing. As a lot of costs are compromised using the technical tools and more sophisticated ways have taken shape to launch products, the overall profit has also boosted up.digital marketing vs direct marketing

  • Immediate

Digital marketing leads to the immediate sharing of information. There is no time lag which used to happen in case of the direct marketing system. As every small information has to sent using the postal services. It used to take a long time and there was less scope in terms of assurance. But digital marketing makes it way more easy.

  • Cheap

No doubt that digital marketing is cheaper than the direct marketing system. Running a magazine or setting up a radio system which used to happen in the direct marketing system. It makes the extensive use of internet for every big or small issue.

digital marketing vs direct marketing

  • Personalised Benefits

There are time when we need make a personalised card or invitation for some specific members. While for another set of customers, a different style needs to be followed. These all personalisation features are very easy to design and modify using the technical devices of digital marketing. Designing and distribution was a major difficulty in case of the direct marketing system.

digital marketing vs direct marketing

  • Measurable

As everything is digitalised and stored in the web for a lifetime. Measuring the amount of revenue generated, targets accomplished and information reached can easily be done. This was a irksome task to keep a note of all the things in case of the direct marketing system.

Therefore, we may realize that the benefits of using the digital marketing system are enormous in comparison to the direct marketing system. It’s always better to go to the direction of more technical advancements to search out for a broader scope of development.

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