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  • December 21, 2018

8 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Google My Business Listing

As an owner of a business group, have you ever given it a useful thought what should be your priority? You may have a wonderful piece of an idea for your business plan and you provide with extremely good services but what is even more important from the perspective of earning profits is that the people should be aware of the benefits which your business guarantees.

Most of the business organizations make the effective use of Google My Business Listing to connect to a large
number of customers. It is a different scenario then How Google Decides Your Website’s Rank But in spite of using the Google My Business Listings if you are unable to reap its advantages than you must consider that you are lacking on something.

Here are some well-documented ways to make you aware of improving your Google my business

 ● Make Sure that The Address and Phone number are Correct

While you add your business in the google my business listing, you need to make sure that the address and contact details you are mentioning are appropriate. It may sound very simple but ignoring this will make you suffer a huge loss.

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 ● Add Your Business Hours

Something which is way more important is adding the time when your business is active so that people may understand that and try to contact you accordingly. Also, you should take care to keep updating the times during any holidays or if any changes occur, it must reflect there as well.

 ● Include a Link to Your Website

It has happened that many times the business owner put the very apt information in Google my business listings. But they forget to add the link of their website which leads to a prime loss. Having mentioned your website links will help many users to directly know more of your services. They might refer the links to their acquaintances.

 ● Post Photos to Your Google My Business Listing

Photos are something which helps anyone to draw a very clear idea of what exactly the particular thing is. You must include the pictures of your organization specifically where some of your services are showcased. It will cast a very good impression on the visitors.

 ● Respond to Comments and Reviews

When you provide a section for open comments, you must acknowledge them whether it positive or negative feedback. You must thank people for their positive comments and try to resolve the queries in an affirmative manner for the negative feedback.

 ● Add Questions and Answers

There can be a number of questions in the minds of your customers regarding your business. For instances, when your business got launched, what services you offer or what is the specialty of your business. You must enlist all these general questions in your Google my business listings.

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 ● Add a Booking Button 

If you have a kind of business where a booking is required, you must add a button for that so that booking can be done easily for your customers. People mostly appreciate such kind of an effort where they don’t have to worry much about technical things.

 ● Review Insights and Make Adjustments

Google my business provides you with the opportunity to track their activities and find out what most of the people are interested in. You can take steps accordingly for your improvements and work on those areas for a better business scope.

Therefore, these are some of the suggestions which you can look forward to in order to improve your Google my business listings with help of Xplore Digital and in turn achieve your business goals.

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