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  • by admin
  • February 2, 2019

6 Google Analytics Tips to Measure Your Business Success

As the owner or a part of your entire business firm, you must be always thinking about how your business is running. How many people visit your website on a daily basis, what reviews they have to put. Also what they like the most. Where the areas where you can make amendments and improvements are. To stand out at a better position, the first requirement is known where you are lagging behind exactly. It is indeed great that Google analytics is always there to help you out in this situation. So that you can measure how is your business running. Here Xplore Digital 6 Google Analytics tips to measure your business success.

  1. Check the social media and trends:

The importance of social media and what outputs it can bring is well realised. Google analytics help you by generating reports. On the basis of your business image on social media connecting with Facebook or Twitter. The major benefit it offers is that it also tracks the conversions from social media. And let you know how many people redirected through their social media account to your websites and made purchases. You can use some amazing hacks of Social Media Marketing to increase your website traffic from social media.

  2. Use custom segments:

With Google Analytics, you can easily see how different group of customers interact with your website with the feature called segments. There are some default segments included for mobile traffic, bounced sessions and new users. Using custom segments you can see the bigger picture closely. Like you can segment your traffic based on traffic, browser type, channel, region and device type.

  3. Create a goal:

The most basic and easy way to measure your business performance is to create a goal. By using the google analytics and checking the sustainability of it in the long run. You can set your specific goals exclusively which generates views on the number of people visits to your site. Also the duration of each visit and most probable pages of the visit.

  4. Set a custom alert:

Google Analytics also provides you with a feature of setting an intelligent custom alert for specific situations. Like triggering of traffic in your website, increase in page views or high bounce rates. So, custom events send you an automatic heads up through a message or mail. So that you can remain aware of what if happening on your website. Even when you don’t get time to keep a check.

  5. Google AMP reports:

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Project is an open source initiative provided by Google. It helps to enhance the experience of mobile users with the goal of making the web content load faster on the mobiles. This feature will definitely increase the business output. As you will be in a position to go through the actual reports of mobile traffic. Improvements can be scheduled on that basis.

  6. Assign a monetary value to your goals:

Google Analytics provides you with the option to define goals that you want your visitors to complete on your website. You can assign a fixed monetary value to different goals so that it reflects the effectiveness of the efforts you are making for your business. There lies the Admin Section of Google Analytics. From where you set these goals defining the fields. This can be done for online shopping or email signup requests.

Therefore, these are some of the best-known tips of Google analytics which will help you measure your business success and devise better ways for the improvements. Explore some brilliant facts about the future of technology with 360 degree virtual tour.

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