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  • by admin
  • January 4, 2019

6 Amazing Free SEO Tools for Best Results

When you create your best-featured website and launch it, don’t you expect that it should come on
the very first links when the users search for something related to your website? Of course, you wish
for it but it is not that easy to make it happen unless you do some fantastic use of these free SEO tools.

Search Engine Optimization tools help you to improve the visibility of your website so that they can
come in the top results of Google search. There are many SEO tools available for that purpose which
are free of cost. To provide you with a better idea, here are some free SEO tools discussed in detail.

 1.Google Adwords

Google Adwords is generally used for paid methods of promotion but its one of the best feature                                                        ‘keyword planner’ is a complete free SEO tool. You can research through this keyword tool about
the best suited and relevant words for your business. It also helps in determining how
often certain words are searched and how they have changed over time. It also suggests you a
bid estimate so that you can plan your advertising budget.

2. Small SEO Tools

These tools are available to check the authenticity and common grammatical
errors in your content. All you need to do is to put your content in these tools available free of
cost and get it checked if it is alright. It checks for plagiarism and also suggests you with better
words and phrases highlighting the words which need to removed or changed.

3. Alexa Ranking

This is a toolbar which helps you make an estimate about how much your
website is popular among the other websites. It provides a ranking on the basis of the traffic
data collected and compared with the last three months and displays it in the form of a blue
bar. Each site has a ranking and the lower the rank, the better is the website.

 4. Google Search Console

Google Search Console measures your site’s performance and traffic, analyses your
site’s impressions and lets you know where your site stands on the Google search. It also helps in
fixing issues of your website by sending email notifications. The inbuilt URL tools give you a
detailed index, crawl and other information from the Google index. It is the most powerful SEO tool and completely free.

5. Ubersuggest

It is another great free tool which helps you with the keyword search. It works with
Google suggest and aggregates data from there which provides with keyword ideas as per your
searches and needs. You can work directly with Google suggest but as it is very time-consuming
, Ubersuggest is the best option.

 6. Google Analytics

It is another web analytics tool which comes with other inbuilt free SEO tools
which provide statistical analysis about your website traffic. It basically puts some tracking
code in your website which helps in determining the number of users along with their
attributes such as gender, likes etc. All the data is then sent to google analytics where further
categorization of data takes place on various levels. This will help to figure out digital marketing                                                              influence on the life of commoners. 

Therefore, these are the 6 amazing free SEO tools which you can primarily adopt for the well-functioning/
and popularisation of your website so that maximum number of users visit and reap the benefits
you have set for them on your website.


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